Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

Urgent IT Solutions holds utmost respect for client’s privacy. Therefore, every approach and thought that we put to ensure the privacy of a client and complete data protection not only satisfies the legal compliance but also goes beyond that for the ultimate transparency. Being one of the keys of our culture and professional value proposition, privacy stands as a primary concern for us. Protection and safekeeping of your privacy remains as a part of our fundamental responsibilities.

We assure each client that we do not use his/her contact data and other information such as his/her names and email addresses for any kind of personal use. Once a client fills our company’s registration form, we keep and use all types of contact information with a view to sending only our company’s information to the client. We have published this privacy policy statement to uphold our commitment and show our determination to safeguard the privacy and protection of information that a client shares with us.

Which Information Do We Collect?

When a client wants to place an order or requests for any of our services, certain information about the client is required by our procedure which includes his/her name, their email, IP address, business address, phone number, etc. This information may be used by us to acknowledge the client’s interest and particular requirements, process his/her order, notify them regarding their order’s status and provide him/her with personalized services.

How Do We Use a Client’s Information?

The primary reason of our efforts to collect a client’s information is to process and complete the requirement or order placed by him/her. After receiving the details or information, we never sell, share or rent not even a fraction of the collected data with any 3rd party unless it is essential to meet or complete that requirement or order. Whenever we need to do this, we always consult the client first and get an approval to do so.

When a client shows an interest in any of our services, we require him/her to register with our website. By fulfilling this requirement, the client shares his/her email address along with other contact information which we use to inform him/her of our services in details. We may use some non-identifiable information to update our website or improve the design.

Changes or Modification in the Privacy Policy

If we happen to make any changes or modification to this privacy policy, the client will be able to see those changes or modifications on this particular web page. This way, we ensure that clients always stay informed or posted about our policy and the way we gather and use their information.

Disclaimer Statement

Urgent IT Solutions reserves all rights and provisions to make any change or modification to this privacy policy statement anytime without being responsible for informing anyone or any party using any prior notification. So, we advise every client to review our privacy policy carefully and timely.

Web Servers

We receive most information from the client’s web browser automatically and record them on our web servers automatically. This information includes the IP address of a client’s, the time he/she visited the website of Urgent IT Solutions, and all information about the particular page(s) he/she requested, etc.


Urgent IT Solutions uses internet cookies to collect aggregate information about the site interaction and the traffic so that we can improve users’ experience of our site. For your information, a 3rd party service may be required by us to track the aforementioned information.

3rd Party Links

Users and clients may find different links to various sites on our website. We are, in no way, responsible for the content and privacy practices any of these 3rd party websites. The privacy statement on this page is solely applicable to the information gathered by our site.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All material and resources on this website are accurate, up-to-date, and compliant with the accepted standards of our particular business avenue. All resources available on this site are the sole property of Urgent IT Solutions. Therefore, we do not allow any person or party to reuse or reprint any material on this website without availing a written permission from us beforehand.

As a client or user, you may have questions or concerns about our privacy policy. If you really have any at this moment, please write to us via

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