Refund Policy

Urgent IT Solutions always cares about the value and interests of clients. Therefore, we have created a standard refund policy for clients who will find all our procedures not only convenient but also valid and compliant with the standard practices

Payment for Services

Urgent IT Solutions requires 50% of the total project value as an advance or upfront payment to start working on a project unless we and the Client have an alternative agreement that specifies otherwise. The remaining/outstanding amount is due after the completion, delivery, and approval of the service.

Eligibility Criteria for Refund

Cancellation of Service

We start working to deliver the requested service immediately after receiving the advance payment. However, we allow the Client to cancel the project within 1 (one) business day after the receipt of the down payment. Upon cancellation within the due time, the Client may receive a full refund of the advance payment, and in that case, we will take no longer than 3 (three) business days to send the refund. If the Client does not request for the cancellation of the project within the specified timeframe, we cannot refund the down payment or the payment becomes non-refundable.

Should the Client, under any circumstances, pay more than the initial 50% Deposit, Urgent IT Solutions may refund the additional balance within 3 (three) business days in case the Agreement is canceled or terminated by the Client or Urgent IT Solutions within the specified timeframe. If the Client requests the delivery of service that accounts exactly the amount of the down payment and the return of the additional balance, a written request must be sent to the specified email within 1 (one) business day after the delivery of the requested portion of the service.

However, for a regular/retained Client or a recurring project, Urgent IT Solutions at its sole discretion may choose to offer a partial refund. This is usually up to 25% of the amount paid as the down payment.

Rejection of Service

Throughout a project, we take rigorous precautions, follow everything as per our quality standards, and keep the Client in the know. We stay within the agreed conditions and avoid anything beyond the Client’s instructions. If certain factors require us to go beyond the specified terms, we consult the Client first and then receive the necessary approval to do so. We understand that the Client may still reject the completed work or service. Such rejection does not qualify for a refund of any kind or form.

If the Client has a solid evidence of our poor workmanship or any fault in our service or work, we may offer a full refund, but the Client must provide illustrated and up-to-date proof of the issue. If we find legitimacy of the submitted evidence and truth in its claim(s) after carefully reviewing it, we will inform the Client of our findings via email. The process may take 1-2 working days. Then, we will initiate a full refund which may take another 5-7 working days to be sent. If there is any question regarding our refund policy, please feel free to contact us via

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