Terms and Conditions

The Terms & Conditions below are a binding and legal document which is applicable to all services provided by Urgent IT Solutions, on behalf of and for any Client(s) who have/has duly signed Urgent IT Solutions’ quotation(s) for any such services, and therefore authorized Urgent IT Solutions to deliver the services described on this website.

1. Project Scope and Specifications

1.1. The Client must provide the Project Details/Specifications to Urgent IT Solutions to allow Urgent IT Solutions to offer a binding quotation.

1.2. Urgent IT Solutions’ Project Specifications form will be provided to the Client for completing and submitting to Urgent IT Solutions.

1.3. If the Client needs further help with detailing Project Specifications, Urgent IT Solutions are ready to assist. The time required Urgent IT Solutions for this will not be billed.

1.4. Any Additional Support or Work (See Additional Works: 19.) must be included as additional Specifications.

2. Quotation

2.1. A particular Quotation is valid for 5 (ten) calendar days from the date specified on the Quotation.

2.2. All Quotations exclude hosting fees or domain name registration unless otherwise described or specified.

3. Acknowledgement

3.1. The Client must acknowledge reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions before signing the Quotation provided by Urgent IT Solutions.

4. Agreement

4.1. The Client must acknowledge the acceptance of both the Quotation and Terms and Conditions by making an advance payment which is 50% of the total amount quoted. The currency will be United States Dollar (USD), and the amount will be deposit through (the name of the Payment Gateway through which the Client will pay) as detailed and required by the Urgent IT Solutions’ Quotation.

4.2. Services as stated in the Quotation will commence only after the Client’s deposit has been received and confirmed by Urgent IT Solutions.

4.3 Urgent IT Solutions is committed to work with efficiency and speed to complete and deliver the quoted services staying within all terms of the Project Specifications.

4.4. The Client’s cooperation and assistance are essential for the completion and delivery of the quoted services within the specified time-frames.

4.5. Urgent IT Solutions cannot be held accountable and responsible for any delay caused by factors outside of their control, including but not essentially limited to unavailability or interruptions of internet connections, equipment failure, and Third Party Hosting Services.

4.6. Urgent IT Solutions endeavors to deliver services that are consistent and compatible with the current industry standards and the Client’s business. But, Urgent IT Solutions does not guarantee any kind of compatibility with any unconventional or non-standard criterion unless otherwise specified in the Agreement.

5. Deposit

5.1. Deposit(s) are both refundable and non-refundable depending on certain conditions (See Refund Policy).

5.2. Should the Client pay more than 50% or the initial Deposit, the additional balance does not imply or construe any additional right(s) or authority other than what is stated in these Terms and Conditions.

5.3. All works are kept as Urgent IT Solutions’ property until the payment is received in full and as per the agreement.

6. Documentation

6.1. Required documentation includes any and all particulars or information required for the scheduled commencement and delivery of services as stated by the Project Specifications and detailed in these Terms and Conditions.

6.2. The Client has to provide any or all Required Documentation to Urgent IT Solutions using email within 5 (five) calendar days after the date of Invoice confirming the receipt of the deposit to commence works on quoted services if they are not to be created as a part of the project.

6.3. The services accepted and quoted by the Client will be queued and then allocated in accordance and compliance with these Terms & Conditions.

6.4. If the Client fails to provide the Required Documentation within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the Invoice date, the full amount specified on the Agreement becomes due and eventually payable if the Client intends to continue the Agreement with Urgent IT Solutions.

6.5. If the Client cannot provide or submit the Required Documentation in full within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the Invoice date, the Client is to pay an additional 15% of the total quoted amount as the Continuation Fee which will be billed for every month till the completion of the quoted services.

7. Copyrights

7.1. The Client is to assure that any and all material they provide is protected by the relevant Copyright law.

7.2. Urgent IT Solutions, and its employees/staff, affiliates, independent contractors, agencies, associates, or any agents involved in a Client’s project or services will not be accountable or held liable/responsible for any Copyright infringement or disputes.

7.3 If/When Urgent IT Solutions gets informed of the fact that the material/resource provided by the Client does not have the required Copyright status, Urgent IT Solutions will remove the illegal material/resource immediately and bill The Client for the particular cost thereof.

7.4. Urgent IT Solutions does not take any kind of responsibility or liability for any of the Client’s material or content that comes without the Copyright status or whatsoever.

8. Content, Fonts, Colors, and Graphical Elements

8.1. The Client shall provide all necessary Content, Font, Color Guide, and Graphical Elements in accordance with the mentioned services unless otherwise specified.

8.2. The Client shall provide the written Content, Font, Color Guide, and Graphical Elements in proper format (as per the style approved by the Client). If the Client does not supply these resources, Urgent IT Solutions shall take the responsibility to provide them upon agreement with the Client.

8.3. All Fonts, Images, and other styling conditions for the Written Content must be mentioned clearly in the Project Specifications.

9. Printing

9.1. Urgent IT Solutions does not offer any printing services, therefore Urgent IT Solutions take no responsibility for any error in such activity.

9.2. Completed Visuals including but not limited to graphics, logo, layout, or any artwork by Urgent IT Solutions will be sent to the Client via email in standard format, e.g. PNG for logo, PSD for layouts, etc.

9.3. Digital proofs and screen colors may vary from litho Printing. Therefore, the Client shall take the responsibility to ensure the quality of the color and the print using their own services.

10. Website Hosting

10.1. Hosting via Urgent IT Solutions

10.1.1. Hosting via Urgent IT Solutions allows for a certain amount of allocated disk space provided under the Client’s chosen hosting package. Any instance of Disk over-usage shall be charged at the appropriate and predefined rate at the time of such incident. The additional charge for the overuse will be invoiced to the Client’s account. In addition, the amount must be paid within 10 (ten) calendar days after the Invoice date thereof.

10.1.2. Monthly Hosting Fee and Yearly Domain Price is to be paid within or on each month’s last working day, unless there has been a commitment for the payment to be available upon a stop order payment which counts the last calendar day of each month.

10.1.3. Hosting fees become considered payable from the date of the domain registration or the transfer to Urgent IT Solutions.

10.1.4. If no payments are made by the Client before or on the 5th of each month, the Hosting service availed by the Client will automatically be suspended. This will lead to the deactivation of the Client’s website along with all linked e-mail accounts.

10.1.5. Should the Client wants to reactive the service, a reactivation fee will be charged.

10.1.6. If the Client does not pay for the Hosting fees for two consecutive calendar months, this non-payment will irrevocably terminate the linked website along with all associated e-mail and other accounts with the hosting service. The domain registration shall remain for the amount paid as the yearly domain fee, but no design, development work, and software available with the domain can be recoverable by a reactivation hereafter.

10.1.7. Urgent IT Solutions reserves the authority or right to suspend the services availed due to non-payment and charge specific fees, at the appropriate calculation at that time, on all kinds of arrears according to these Terms and Conditions.

10.1.8. If Hosting cancellations need to be made, only written requests are accepted and shall need to be emailed to contact@urgentitsolutions.com, before or on the very first day of the new month as a calendar month notice period is carried.

10.1.9. All due/outstanding payments are to be paid within specific deadlines to prevent the Hosting services availed by the client from being terminated with Urgent IT Solutions. It allows the release of a transfer to a 3rd Party Hosting Service Provider.

10.2. Hosting via a 3rd Party Service Provider

10.2.1. The Client must provide Urgent IT Solutions with essentials like Cpanel, database, and FTP details.

10.2.2. In the event that the Client chooses a 3rd Party Service Provider on Urgent IT Solutions’ recommendation, a direct agreement between the Client and the 3rd Party Service Provider has to be made.

10.2.3. Urgent IT Solutions will not be accountable or held liable or responsible for the Client’s choice of the Hosting Services via a 3rd Party Service Provider because Urgent IT Solutions does not have any control over activities, such as the status of the email, hosting, and domain renewals.

10.2.4. Every technical aspects of the Client’s website needs to be referred to the 3rd Party Hosting Service Provider chosen by the Client.

10.2.5. Upon request from the Client, Urgent IT Solutions will however help with the chosen 3rd Party Hosting Service Provider. This assistance typically does not qualify for a paid service as specified by Urgent IT Solutions.

11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

11.1. Urgent IT Solutions does not guarantee any specific position or rankings of websites on search engine result pages, but include a set of expeditious approaches to help the Client with any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs which include but not limited to Meta descriptions, tags, content structures and style. For Urgent IT Solutions to be able to assist the Client with SEO, a Quotation with all terms and conditions clearly explained is required.

12. E-Commerce

12.1. Urgent IT Solutions will upload products on the Client’s website only in accordance with the number requested. The Client has to pay for service fees for this service, and the amount plus the charge needs to be specified in the Quotation.

13. Review and Changes

13.1. After Urgent IT Solutions has completed the design of a website as per the Client’s needs, the website shall be available for the Client’s review for 2-5 (two to five) working days. During this period, the Client can check every detail and make requests for improvements and/or amendments within this period of time. The requests for changes or modifications should come in a written or illustrated form and sent via the specified e-mail.

13.2. Once a request for changes and/or modifications has been received by Urgent IT Solutions; the website shall be labeled with an “Under Construction” message. After the implementation of the requested modifications/changes, the Client will be requested again to review. The Client will not be charged if the request for changes or improvements qualify for anything like an error or mistake from our part.

13.3. If Urgent IT Solutions receives no response from the Client regarding any change or modification within 5 (five) working days, the service shall be considered complete and finalized, and therefore, Urgent IT Solutions will not be held responsible or liable for any error or issue hereafter.

13.4. Should the Client have to demand any modification or improvement of the delivered service, additional fees will be applicable, and the Client has to come to an agreement with Urgent IT Solutions on the charge for the changes.

13.5 The Client needs to pay for the maintenance service which applies to websites, blogs, and applications. For a one-time maintenance service, the fee is determined upon discussion between the Client and Urgent IT Solutions. For annual maintenance service, the fee can be $250-$2,000 depending on the details and depth of the task. The Client may also create an hourly contract for website maintenance. The fee for this service has to be paid on a monthly or biannual basis, and the terms shall be set upon the discussion between the Client and Urgent IT Solutions. If the Client does not make payment within 7 (seven) business days after the last working day of each month (for monthly agreement) or the sixth month (for biannual agreement), Urgent IT Solutions may stop the work until further confirmation following the due procedure.

14. Date of Completion

14.1. All projects are scheduled for completion upon an agreed date. But, the Client is to accept that the date of Completion is subject to be affected by any delays in receiving the Project Specifications and/or the implementation of changes requested by the Client. Time-frames or Turnaround schedules are adjusted within an acceptable deadline, regardless of these Terms & Conditions.

15. Additional Work

15.1 The Client may need Additional Work(s) to be done. In that case, no new agreements shall be created. The charge for any additional work will be in accordance with Urgent IT Solutions’ standard pricing and no incremented price shall be billed. Upon a thorough discussion with the client, the charges will be determined and relevant terms and conditions will be updated. Then, the Client will receive the updated Agreement.

16. Service Agreement

16.1. The Client can request for Urgent IT Solutions’ access to the Content Management System (CMS) of their website during the work is going on. Such an activity indemnifies Urgent IT Solutions from any kind of changes prompted by the Client or any 3rd party or anyone to the website. Examples of such activity include but not limited to changes in content or credentials, loss of information, update or installation/uninstallation of any software application, extension, and tools, etc.

16.2. If the Client requests Urgent IT Solutions to restore the website after an aforementioned change, a certain fee will be applicable under these Terms and Conditions, and therefore, the quotation will be updated with the cost.

16.3. Urgent IT Solutions is committed to responding to the Client’s requests regarding any technical issue resulting of the Hosting service, a software application, any plausible fault, an instance of negligence or omission of anything from this agreement(s), and the usual time for response is 2 (two) working days.

16.4. Urgent IT Solutions will not be accountable to the Client for any issue in the services occurring from the fact that the Client’s subscription to a relevant paid service is invalid or not up-to-date.

17. Invoices and Statements

17.1. Urgent IT Solutions is not, in any fashion, a credit service provider. Therefore, Urgent IT Solutions does not grant or provide any credit facilities.

17.2. Urgent IT Solutions sends Client Statements to the Client 7 (seven) calendar days before the last calendar day of every month. If very day is a weekend or public holiday, the Statements are sent the first calendar day after the weekend or holiday.

17.3. Urgent IT Solutions bills all Invoices to the Client’s account and sends emails to the Client following these Terms and Conditions. Payments that the Client makes are allocated to the relevant Invoices on the Statements upon Urgent IT Solutions having confirmed the receipt of the said funds.

17.4. Invoices, Receipts of corresponding payments, and outstanding balances reflect completely on the Client’s Statement.

17.5. With the nature of this particular business, Urgent IT Solutions issues additional Client Statements and emails them for the overdue balances plus any additional Invoiced fees, on the 1st and 7th calendar day of every month both consecutively and cumulatively. If these dates are among the public holidays or weekends, the Statements are sent on the next calendar day(s) after the holiday or weekend.

18. Consultations

18.1. Responses to Queries or Messages transmitted via Skype or e-mails will be free of charges.

18.2. Consultations and Meetings will not be charged. However, Urgent IT Solutions may charge fees for Consultations or Meetings which involve any relevant service. Fees for such services will be determined after a discussion with the Client.

19. Legal Expense

19.1. Any failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions pertaining to fees and payments may result in a standard legal action from Urgent IT Solutions’ legal representative(s). In that case, the outstanding balance will become payable.

19.2. All legal expenses resulting of violation of these Terms and Conditions or non-payment shall be accrued to the outstanding balance.

20. Security

20.1. Urgent IT Solution will not be held accountable or liable for any kind of virus, hacking attempt, malicious program, content, or any manner of security breach pertaining to any/all 3rd party application(s) or to the website of the Client.

20.2. The Hosting service provider of Urgent IT Solution may suspend a domain registration at any time if there is any malicious content or virus detected or any security breach or hacking attempt is exposed to any third party application or website.

21. General

21.1. Urgent IT Solutions reserves the right and authority to change anything from these Terms and Conditions without seeking any prior consent from any individual or party including Clients, independent contractors, employees, affiliates, agencies, agents, or any 3rd party agreements.

21.2. These Terms and Conditions (http://www.urgentitsolutions.com/terms-conditions/) are legally binding according to the date of publication hereof, as incorporated on Urgent IT Solutions’ own website, and the date of signing a service delivery Agreement with Urgent IT Solution.

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